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February 2024 Kpop Comebacks, Releases & Debuts Schedule (UPDATED!)

February 2024 Kpop Comebacks, Releases & Debuts Schedule (UPDATED!)

We’ve rounded up all the latest February 2024 Kpop comebacks, releases, and debuts in one place!

From the comebacks of rising stars to the anticipated comeback of all-time favorites like TWICE, February in K-pop is a melody of excitement. Fresh beats and vibrant tunes are set to dominate your playlists.

Check out our easy-to-read list below! 

February 2024 Kpop Comebacks & Debuts Schedule

1–10 February 2024

February 1stBABYMONSTER “Stuck In The Middle”Comeback
February 2ndTWICE“Pre-Release Single”Comeback
February 3rdn/an/an/a
February 4thn/an/an/a
February 5thP1Harmony“MV & Digital Album Release”Comeback
February 6thn/an/an/a
February 7thP1Harmony“1st ALBUM “때깔 (Killin’ It)”Comeback
Billlie (JP)”Knock-on Effect”Comeback
YENA (JP)“DNA”Comeback
OWV n/aComeback
February 8thn/an/an/a
February 9thn/an/an/a
February 10thn/an/an/a

11–20 February 2024

February 11thn/an/an/a
February 12thn/an/an/a
February 13thn/an/an/a
February 14thMIRAE (JP)‘’RUNNING UP’’Comeback
WEi“WAVE”Japanese Comeback
INI n/aComeback
February 15thn/an/an/a
February 16thn/an/an/a
February 17thn/an/an/a
February 18thn/an/an/a
February 19thn/an/an/a
February 20thn/an/an/a

21–31 February 2024

February 21stTREASURE n/aJapanese Comeback
Yugyeom“TRUST ME”Comeback
February 22ndn/an/an/a
February 23rdTWICE13TH mini album “With YOU-th”Comeback
February 24thn/an/an/a
February 25thX:INNo DoubtComeback
February 26thTaeyong n/aSolo Comeback
CravityLove or DieComeback
February 27thM.O.N.TIDGAFComeback
February 28thNCT WISH“WISH”Comeback
LIL LEAGUEn/aComeback
ATEEZ“Not Okay”Comeback
Bobbyn/aSolo Comeback
ATLASI Got That MagicComeback
NOMADTrack California Love | No PressureDebut
February 29thfrom20DemonComeback
Sandeul [B1A4], Hyojung [Oh My Girl], and Hyojin [ONF] 366 DaysCollab Release
February 30thn/an/an/a
February 31st:n/an/an/a

To be Announced in February 2024:

NCT TEN (1st Solo Album)
– iKON DK (Solo Debut)
NOMAD (Debut)
Dreamcatcher (English Debut)
– iKON Bobby (Solo Debut)
– M.O.N.T (Comeback)
Purple Kiss (Comeback)
Red Velvet Wendy (Comeback)

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