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February 2024 Kpop Comebacks, Releases & Debuts Schedule (UPDATED!)

February 2024 Kpop Comebacks, Releases & Debuts Schedule (UPDATED!)
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We’ve rounded up all the latest February 2024 Kpop comebacks, releases, and debuts in one place!

From the comebacks of rising stars to the anticipated comeback of all-time favorites like TWICE, February in K-pop is a melody of excitement. Fresh beats and vibrant tunes are set to dominate your playlists.

Check out our easy-to-read list below! 

February 2024 Kpop Comebacks & Debuts Schedule

1–10 February 2024

February 1stBABYMONSTER “Stuck In The Middle”Comeback
February 2ndTWICE“Pre-Release Single”Comeback
February 3rdn/an/an/a
February 4thn/an/an/a
February 5thP1Harmony“MV & Digital Album Release”Comeback
February 6thn/an/an/a
February 7thP1Harmony“1st ALBUM “때깔 (Killin’ It)”Comeback
Billlie (JP)”Knock-on Effect”Comeback
YENA (JP)“DNA”Comeback
OWV n/aComeback
February 8thn/an/an/a
February 9thn/an/an/a
February 10thn/an/an/a

11–20 February 2024

February 11thn/an/an/a
February 12thn/an/an/a
February 13thn/an/an/a
February 14thMIRAE (JP)‘’RUNNING UP’’Comeback
WEi“WAVE”Japanese Comeback
INI n/aComeback
February 15thn/an/an/a
February 16thn/an/an/a
February 17thn/an/an/a
February 18thn/an/an/a
February 19thn/an/an/a
February 20thn/an/an/a

21–31 February 2024

February 21stTREASURE n/aJapanese Comeback
Yugyeom“TRUST ME”Comeback
February 22ndn/an/an/a
February 23rdTWICE13TH mini album “With YOU-th”Comeback
February 24thn/an/an/a
February 25thX:INNo DoubtComeback
February 26thTaeyong n/aSolo Comeback
CravityLove or DieComeback
February 27thM.O.N.TIDGAFComeback
February 28thNCT WISH“WISH”Comeback
LIL LEAGUEn/aComeback
ATEEZ“Not Okay”Comeback
Bobbyn/aSolo Comeback
ATLASI Got That MagicComeback
NOMADTrack California Love | No PressureDebut
February 29thfrom20DemonComeback
Sandeul [B1A4], Hyojung [Oh My Girl], and Hyojin [ONF] 366 DaysCollab Release
February 30thn/an/an/a
February 31st:n/an/an/a

To be Announced in February 2024:

NCT TEN (1st Solo Album)
– iKON DK (Solo Debut)
NOMAD (Debut)
Dreamcatcher (English Debut)
– iKON Bobby (Solo Debut)
– M.O.N.T (Comeback)
Purple Kiss (Comeback)
Red Velvet Wendy (Comeback)

For which comeback are you most excited? Tell us in the comment section:

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